Climate change - it's personal

We are delighted to introduce Alastair Seaman, who joined Keep Scotland Beautiful as Operations Manager in December 2018. Alastair leads our team who manage the Climate Challenge Fund on behalf of the Scottish Government.

Alastair has lived in Scotland, Nepal and Africa and has worked in environment, community development and education roles in the commercial, charitable and faith-based sectors.

Recently Alastair wrote a blog post for Keep Scotland Beautiful calling for all of us to make climate change personal.

Alastair's blog starts by covering his work in Nepal with the International Nepal Fellowship (INF), a Christian charity that helps some of the poorest people in Nepal. INF has seen a marked increase in weather-induced disasters in recent years, a trend that has been confirmed by the United Nations which ranks Nepal as the fourth most vulnerable country to climate induced natural disasters.

It’s tragic that the people who suffer most from climate change have usually done nothing to cause the problem and often have no resources to help them avoid or recover from its devastating impact.

Later in the blog Alastair questions what would happen if we could make a more direct link between our carbon choices as individuals and the individual stories of those whose lives have been devastated by climate change. He calls for a personal response to help tackle climate change.

The scale and nature of climate change is so huge and global that it can be hard for ordinary individuals in Scotland to engage with. Perhaps we also need to remind ourselves that it’s a deeply personal problem for millions of people, which demands a personal response from people like you and me.

You can read the blog post in full here.

07 February 2019

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