Maintaining and restoring biodiversity to keep Scotland beautiful

Ahead of the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity Conference of the Parties (CBD COP15) which takes place in Canada over the next ten days we reflect on the importance of taking action to reverse the loss of biodiversity and help nature recover.

We recognise the importance of our planet’s biodiversity for itself and with regards to the facilitating and sustaining of human life. We also recognise the richness and uniqueness of Scotland’s biodiversity and nature, for example in our native species, peatland, woodland and freshwater habitats.

As world leaders meet to agree how to set out a global biodiversity framework with clear targets and commitments, we too have clear ambitions to play our part in halving biodiversity loss by 2030 and reversing it by 2045.  These include:

  • to galvanize greater action to bring people closer to nature and to make biodiversity a more central part of people’s lives.
  • to equip our young people and educators with the knowledge and skills they need to meet the challenges of the nature emergency,
  • to help businesses become more environmentally responsible including for nature;
  • to support Scotland to become a fully Carbon Literate and Nature Literate country; and
  • to provide greater support and investment in community-based nature action and adaptation.

Some of the wide range of activities we have facilitated and supported to help us achieve these ambitions, include:

Catherine Gee, our Deputy CEO said, “This isn’t just about our environment anymore and we can’t continue to isolate ourselves from issues and problems that are integral to maintaining life on earth.  Taking action to maintain and restore biodiversity is about the future of our planet and humanity.  We all have it in us to take actions, big and small, to drive the changes needed in Scotland, and across the world.

“As a charity we are committed to playing our part to ensure that the biodiversity crisis is front and centre of what we all talk about, learn about and act on – from our education and training activities to our awards and accreditations to our support to communities.

“Whatever the outcome of COP15 we will reach out to people of all ages and from all areas of life, to ensure that they all feel empowered to make a difference to change the future we all have in front of us for the better.”




07 December 2022

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