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We’re delighted to confirm dates for our accredited Climate Emergency Training in winter, summer, spring and autumn 2023, which is open for individuals and representatives of organisations and businesses.

Who is this training for?

This training is for anyone interested in learning about causes and impacts of climate change and finding out more about solutions to combat it, including personal actions you can take.

Organisations may choose to send a small number of employees onto this course before working with us to create a course tailored to their own area of area of work and business needs.

Why is being certified as Carbon Literate important?

The training is fully accredited by the Carbon Literacy Project and gives you the opportunity to be certified as Carbon Literate. Being Carbon Literate means gaining knowledge of the carbon costs and impacts of everyday activities and identifying positive actions to tackle them.

Having a Carbon Literate workforce is vital to help businesses meet the new regulations and customer expectations that a net-zero Scotland will bring. Businesses with a Carbon Literate workforce will find they can develop more efficient and cost-effective operations. And as an individual, you’ll find the training empowers you to take effective action on climate change and develop your skills and experience.

What will you learn?

The course will help you to learn about causes and impacts of climate change and find out more about solutions to combat it, including positive actions you can take.

In addition to the global context, we utilise content relevant to Scotland.

And we cut through the jargon, so you’ll have a clear understanding of terms like 'Climate Emergency' and 'net zero'.

Climate impacts can seem overwhelming, so we emphasise hope over despair - including information on co-benefits of climate action.

At the end of this course, you can choose to apply to be certified as Carbon Literate by the Carbon Literacy Project.

The training is eight hours of learning and takes place over four weeks. Each week involves an hour-long online session led by our expert trainers, followed by some self-study tasks to be completed before the next session.

Why train with us?

We are the official partner of The Carbon Literacy Project in Scotland and have supported 5,000 people across Scotland to achieve Carbon Literacy certification.

What are the dates of the courses?

  • Winter course - 25 January, 1 February, 8 February & 15 February
  • Spring course - 26 April, 3 May, 10 May & 17 May.
  • Summer course - 26 July, 2 August, 9 August & 16 August.
  • Autumn course - 26 October, 1 November, 8 November & 15 November.

We keep the training class size to a maximum of 15 participants to allow for group interaction and discussion.

Book spaces now via Eventbrite.

02 December 2022

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