Carntyne Transport help keep our roadsides beautiful

Carntyne Transport supports our "Give your Litter a Lift" campaign

We have been working with Carntyne Transport driver, Mick Symon, on an initiative to help reduce litter associated with the industry. 

This year, Mick received some of our "Give Your Litter a Lift" materials to encourage drivers to dispose of their waste responsible and take it home.

There is a huge issue with litter in Scotland, Mick said: “The mess caused by lorry drivers is a national disgrace and I hope to raise awareness of the visual impact this has to the public and visitors of this beautiful country.”

Upon his visit to the local Keep Scotland Beautiful offices Mick collected litter bags, bumper and window stickers, air fresheners, mini bins and various posters and table talkers. These products are all designed with the purpose of lorry drivers taking part in the “Give your Litter a Lift” campaign, carrying their litter with them until they reach a suitable location to dispose of it.

Mick was involved in site meetings to promote the initiative with his colleagues. Mick’s efforts were very well received and there were several personal enquiries from employees looking to do the same for their own groups and associations.

Find out more about our "Give Your Litter a Lift" campaign here.

11 December 2020

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