Wheatley celebrate more 5 star awards

All eleven multi-storey flats in the South West Local Housing Office (LHO) have achieved the 5 star award, improving on the five the LHO achieved during the last assessment in 2017.

These awards are part of our ongoing partnership with the Wheatley Group to assess the environmental quality of multi storey flats and tenements within the South West Local Housing Office this September. The overall score resulted in a 5 star rating.

To celebrate and recognise the ongoing commitment of staff to improve places for customers Colin Hegarty, Environmental Services Coordinator and Dougie Johnston, Local Environmental Quality Officer, presented the awards for the multi storey flats to staff.

Our assessments are based on our National Award for Environmental Excellence® criteria and look at the standards of back courts, garden areas, entrances, stairwells and waste provision.

Katie Murray, our Communities and Place Manager, said “We are delighted the South West Local Housing Office has made improvements on the last assessment and have achieved the 5 star award. These awards recognise the great effort and commitment made by employees to improve places for residents and the wider community. We are pleased that our ongoing partnership with the Wheatley Group is supporting them to drive up standards in local environmental quality."

We have audited over 400 properties, managed by different housing associations, made up of multi-storey flats and tenements for the National Award for Environmental Excellence®. We are working with several Housing Associations delivering the award which provides a standard to assess and benchmark environmental performance and achievements and helps make comparisons between each local housing area. We also audit business locations in a variety of sectors, from shopping centres to train stations.

Find out more about the National Award for Environmental Excellence®.

20 December 2019

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