One-to-one online advice to help mend clothes

Want to try your hand at mending clothes, but don’t know where to start? Stuck on a sewing or upcycling project and need some advice? 

The ReMode Climate Challenge Fund project (CCF) has introduced free virtual 1:1 sewing surgeries.

Get advice, support and encouragement to help you make to do and mend.

Get in touch to set up a free online chat with one of the sewing experts at ReMode.

The first session is 20 minutes in length. If your queries are not resolved by then, further sessions can be scheduled to help until you’ve completed your project.

To book a session, please email carolyn@remodeyouth.org and she will send you a list of available slots.

If clothing repair has got you thinking about other repair projects check out our bitesized case study films of CCF projects for inspiration and Zero Waste Scotland's website for a myriad of useful resources.

03 April 2020

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