Join us to #GrowASeed

Now we all have more time at home, many of us are turning our thoughts to what can we grow to brighten up our days or to enjoy something tasty and home grown. That’s why we’ve decided to launch KSB’s #GrowASeed initiative. Over the next few weeks we will be encouraging people to grow a seed and we’d love you to join in. You don’t need a garden or any gardening skills, you don’t even need compost or specific plant pots.

Our wonderful volunteer Beautiful Scotland judge and It’s Your Neighbourhood assessor, Colin Ainsworth and his wife came up with the #GrowASeed idea (thank you!) and in this short video, Colin share’s the simple steps you need to follow to grow a seed, any seed.

Over the next few weeks and months, we would love it if you could share your #GrowASeed journey with us, taking photos of you planting out your seeds, as the seeds start to grow, harvesting your seeds, and then what you decide to do with them – do you add them to a salad, add to a pasta dish or put out for the birds…the options are endless!

Please share your journey with us and our followers by posting on social media (make sure to tag us in @KSBScotland and use the hashtag #GrowASeed). And why not, through your own social connections, get friends, family and colleagues to sow a seed too – you’ll be helping us to spread the seeds of hope right across Scotland.

If you’re looking for inspiration of what to use for pots (e.g. grapefruit halves!), and more planting advice, go to Kate Treharne, Dundee City Council’s Community Allotment Officer’s ‘lockdown gardening vlog’ here.

And we’ll leave you with this inspiring mantra:


Take a seed, any seed

Take a pot, any pot

Take some compost or soil

Take a seed, any seed (but a pea, or an apple pip, or a chilli seed might work best)

Pop the seed in the soil

Add water

Wait, watch and nurture.


We look forward to seeing and sharing your #GrowASeed successes!

Have fun and sending best wishes from everyone at KSB.

07 April 2020

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