Inspiring climate action on Earth Day

Today is Earth Day 2020.

A time to share hope and inspiration. But above all, to take and promote action on climate change.

The organisers of this huge global movement invite you to become involved digitally.

As part of our work to help make Scotland clean, green and sustainable, we are proud to manage the Climate Challenge Fund (CCF) on behalf of the Scottish Government.

We will be sharing inspiring stories of climate action from the CCF and our other climate focussed work, such as Sustainable Development Education, throughout the day by our social media channels.

But for starters check out:

  • Climate Heroes -  These 20 volunteers have carried out amazing climate action work at CCF projects.
  • Our Guide to Climate Change - Learn more about climate change and how to take practical actions to help tackle the climate emergency.
  • CCF projects near you - There are CCF projects across Scotland, many of which are reaching out digitally to promote climate action and support you to tackle climate change at home during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Case studies of CCF projects - Be inspired by films and case studies featuring projects helping to combat climate change through local initiatives.
  • Our Decade of CCF film - This summarises the amazing work of CCF projects over the last decade:

But don't stop there. Every day should be an Earth Day. Each and every day we have a chance to make positive changes to our lives that benefit people and planet. And to inspire and support others to do the same.

We invite you to join the conversation on our social media channels and share one climate change tackling activity you are involved with that other people can easily join.

And then share that information with your community on social media to inspire further action.

Don't forget to use #EarthDay2020 and tag our social media channels below.

Our social media channels include:

22 April 2020

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