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Help us understand dog poo levels in your neighbourhood.

With the UK in lockdown we are experiencing changes in a range of local environmental quality indicators levels and trends. We have already seen a rise in flytipping levels, now we want see if the same is true for dog fouling.

Dog fouling is one of the most complained about incivilities and our most recent surveys indicate that dog fouling was recorded at almost 10% of sites we assessed last year. 

We have no accurate evidence of current lockdown trends, but we are hearing anecdotally that more bagged and unbagged poo is being littered. That is why we have created a campaign to raise awareness of this problem and allow individuals to feed into a data set giving us a snapshot of what levels currently look like. 

As part of your daily exercise, and in accordance to Government guidance, why not take part in #TurdTag and help us understand dog fouling levels in your neighbourhood.  

#TurdTag will be taking place for two weeks from 27th April this year. Over the two weeks we want to encourage as many people as possible to feed in data on the number of dog poos they're finding near them. All you need to do is:

1. Select a 100m stretch to use as a transect.

2. When out on your walk as part of your daily exercise, count the number of bagged or unbagged dog poos you see (and why not take a photo?)

3. Post your #TurdTag on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram tagging  @CleanUpScotland or @KSBScotland

4. Repeat – why not choose a different stretch to log the poos you find?

5. Email your results at the end of the fortnight, including your location and local authority to cleanup@keepscotlandbeautiful.org


In May we will collate all the data you send us to create a snapshot of the scale of the problem across Scotland.

23 April 2020

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