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Thurso CDT join forces with graduates to host a fashion swap

Thurso Community Development Trust (Thurso CDT), a partner of the Highland Community Waste Partnership (HCWP), hosted a fashion swap with ZENergy team of NRS Dounreay first year graduates today. 

The event, held at Guides Hall, Thurso, was a collaborative effort between the team of NRS Dounreay first year graduates and Thurso CDT as part of their APM Annual Challenge.

The team of first year graduates called ZENergy decided to organize and run a fashion swap for this challenge as this type of event best matches their objectives and also their passion for sustainability, circularity and waste reduction.

The students also organized a number of textile mending, repurposing and upcycling workshops through the day. The event attracted nearly 40 participants and swapped 321 items of clothing. 

ZENergy are five enthusiastic, smart and passionate first year graduates who started their careers with NRS Dounreay and took part in the Association for Project Management Annual Challenge. We are delighted that ZENergy team was shortlisted as top 5 challenge participants throughout Scotland and on the 23 May we will find out who will win this challenge!

Oksana Latsiuta, HCWP Development Officer for Thurso CDT, said: “I was impressed with the dedication and professionalism of ZENergy team during our collaboration for their APM Annual Challenge.

"They reviewed activities of Thurso Community Development Trust in the field of waste and sustainability and identified clothing swaps as the most effective and relevant category of events, in the context of the climate action challenges that Caithness community are currently facing.

"The swap that they delivered was thoroughly planned and organized, with great attention to detail. I would like to especially underline ZENergy’s effort in cutting down carbon footprint of their event: they reused as much of equipment as possible and thoughtfully chose the venue in the central location in Thurso, to minimize travel by car for participants."

If you would like to attend a clothes swap, visit the HCWP Events page for more information on events in your local area.


24 March 2024

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