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Highland wide Zero Waste Food Challenge launched

The Highland Community Waste Partnership (HCWP) has launched a Zero Waste Food Challenge and are inviting any and all households across the region to take part!

The resource, which includes information and activities to help households reduce food and packaging waste, made its debut as part of the Transition Black Isle ‘Just Eat It’ event in The Muir Hub which aimed to highlight both the issues around food waste along with showcasing some local groups who have come up with their own solutions to food waste.

Originally developed by the community group MOO Food in Muir of Ord, and now led by Transition Black Isle, the Zero Food Waste Challenge has now been expanded to address key steps in the food waste journey: Planning, Shopping, Storing, Preparing, Consuming, Leftovers and Composting.

Across the Highlands, 35% of an average household bin is made up of food waste, nearly three quarters of which is avoidable!  This challenge aims to tackle the reasons why this is happening and what we can do about it from our own homes, not only saving waste but saving money too.

The challenge focuses on the link between our food waste and climate change and the power we have in our own hands to make an impact from our homes. 

You can take part in the challenge in the way that suits you best, either working your way through the challenge in your own time or joining in with a local group.

If you’d like to have the opportunity to do this alongside others and learn as you go then keep an eye out on the website for upcoming workshops near you, Transition Black Isle will be running guided workshops across all the topics starting in April (sign up by 18 April).  Workshops will include Batch Cooking, Make Your Own Pizzas, Grow Your Own Food, Cooking with Leftovers & Composting.  Each workshop comes with a free gift to help you on your food waste reduction journey.

If you’re a community group and would like to run through this in your own groups, there is also a facilitators pack available. 

Georgina Massouraki, HCWP Coordinator, said: "Food waste is a key focus for the Highland Community Waste Partnership. Not only is it a significant driver of climate change, but it is also a waste of money and resources, that can be avoided with a few small habit changes.

"We are excited to share this resource with Highland communities to help them do just that. We encourage everyone interested, whether for cost-saving or environmental reasons, to check it out.

"Whether you commit to the entire challenge or just want to learn some tips and tricks, hopefully our web page will help you do this.

All the information on how to take part can be found on our Zero Waste Food Challenge webpage.


20 March 2024

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