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Help us collect packaging litter data this #SpringCleanScotland

Single-use packaging litter is recorded on up to 66% of our streets

There is a gap in our data*. We need to know how much single-use packaging is littering our parks, beaches, riversides and open spaces.

We need your help, because without the data we can’t provide the evidence we need to ensure that those that put the packaging on the market take responsibility for paying to help clear it up, and ultimately prevent it.

There are policies and regulations being brought forward which may have the potential to make producers responsible for single-use packaging that ends up as litter on the ground. We want to provide evidence that this is needed.

Heather McLaughlin, our Campaigns Coordinator, said: “We know that we ask a lot from our volunteers, but having carried out litter picks along some of our waterways and near where I live, I have really noticed the amount of single-use packaging caught at the bottom of hedges and long grass. These areas aren’t often surveyed by our team, so we really need all those we work with across the country to tell us what they are seeing in their own communities.”

Please carry out a survey and submit data during #SpringCleanScotland and help reduce packaging litter in your community. 

The data that you collect helps us to measure the scale of issues, identify problems and use the evidence to campaign for change. The data we collected on single-use vapes - that identified them as the fastest growing litter type last year - was used to build our messaging and campaign, alongside data from ASH Scotland, Marine Conservation Society and Laura Young - and there are now proposals to ban them on health and environmental grounds. 

Your time and contributions collectively can help us to make a real difference. And if that wasn't enough, we're offering a £50 Scotland Loves Local as a prize draw incentive which all those submitting a survey will be entered into.

*We survey nationally on council land – we need help collecting data on non-council land.


28 March 2024

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