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Climate action never more crucial as report highlights insufficient activity

new report by the Scottish Government’s official advisors on climate change published on 20 March has stated that Scotland’s climate targets are “no longer credible”, due to insufficient actions or policies.

Responding to the Committee on Climate Change’s report, our Deputy CEO Catherine Gee commented: “We're all frustrated at the speed of our journey towards Net Zero. And we are disappointed to hear experts say that Scotland’s climate targets are ‘no longer credible’.

“But, equally we recognise just how important it is for us all to focus on the positive and to celebrate what is changing here in Scotland. 

“If we are to bring people with us, and see increasing action from individuals, communities, and businesses we need to flip our focus and celebrate the many opportunities and benefits we’ll see by cutting our carbon emissions – benefits to our society, economy, nature and biodiversity and our planet.

“Everyone can take action, and we need everyone to embrace that. We will carry on inspiring action on climate change, and are committed to supporting Scotland become a carbon literate nation through our training and celebration of the progress that business and organisations are making on their journey to Net Zero. 

“We will work with others to ensure that Scotland’s Climate Change Plan, when it is published later this year, delivers for our country and our people.”

We are a member of Stop Climate Chaos Scotland (SCCS) coalition, which represents 70 civil society organisations in Scotland.

Mike Robinson, Chair of the Stop Climate Chaos Scotland (SCCS), said: “After scant progress to reduce emissions in recent years, this damning report comes as no surprise, but nevertheless is deeply frustrating. Just five years ago every party in the Scottish Parliament supported the rightly ambitious legal target to reduce emissions by 75% by 2030, but since then we’ve seen a damaging mix of party politics, policy delay, and lack of investment.  

“Put simply, after declaring a climate emergency, the Scottish Government has failed to deliver anything close to an emergency response and must now redouble efforts.

“Scotland’s climate targets are based on what the science told us was our fair contribution to maintain a liveable planet. By failing to do what’s needed to meet them, politicians are failing the people of Scotland and the communities around the world who have done least to cause the climate crisis but are experiencing the worst impacts.

“No more time can be wasted or excuses given – we urgently need to see where and how Scottish Ministers will ramp up action to cut emissions – particularly in how we heat our homes, in agriculture and transport. Action needs to be much better coordinated with the UK Government, and we need investment funded through making polluters pay for the damage they cause.”

If you want to find out about how you can take action to combat climate change, check out our Climate Emergency Training, we have a range of courses to suit all, from a quarterly open course for individuals to sector based accredited and bespoke courses to introductory workshops. Find out more on our training pages.


20 March 2024

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