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Welcoming the flytipping fine increase

As a key delivery partner of the National Litter and Flytipping Strategy for Scotland and 2023/24 Action Plan, we welcome the news that the Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) for flytipping has been raised from £200 to £500.

We are committed to working hard with our partners, funders and communities across the country to tackle litter and support the work of SEPA, Scottish Government and Zero Waste Scotland in their role to address flytipping.

Reflecting on the announcement, our CEO Barry Fisher said: “While we wholeheartedly welcome the news that the FPN for flytipping is to more than double, it is clear that a fine increase isn’t the answer alone to tackling the flytipping that blight our urban and rural communities.

“Each piece of waste dumped on our streets and in our countryside, has been left by a person who doesn’t see the value in it.  Making people aware of the wider impacts their behaviour has on our environment and our economy is important, as is making it easy for people to do the right thing when disposing of waste that can’t be recycled, repurposed, or reused.”

The climate, nature and litter emergencies are all interlinked; with unsustainable consumption at the heart of all three. Tackling waste that is flytipped will lead to important, positive impacts on efforts to combat climate change and halt biodiversity loss.

We’ve been delivering training for over two decades covering issues such as environmental quality, legislation and behaviour change. Many of our courses contribute to the Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland (REHIS) continuous professional development scheme (CPD). 

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01 January 2024

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