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Our #UpstreamBattle carries on through the weather

With strong winds and high rainfall across Scotland, the first events of our Upstream Battle Week of Action have unfortunately had to be cancelled, as the safety of our team and those joining our events is always our primary consideration.

Litter picking and surveying events in Aberdeen and Inverness were postponed at the beginning of the week and we will look to reschedule these over February and March.

With high winds and rivers overflowing, litter on streets can easily end up in waterways and polluting our blue spaces, the weather conditions this week serve to remind us of the need for a campaign like #UpstreamBattle.

Fiona and Eve from our Upstream Battle Team managed to carry out our litter pick and survey event with nine volunteers from the Velocity Cafe and Bicycle workshop, where they collected seven bags of litter and surveyed 1.2km in Inverness.

The aftermath of the storm meant that more litter than usual had been swept into the river, threatening ecosystems and becoming difficult and expensive to clean up.

We want to continue to fight marine litter from source to sea, so we would like to encourage anyone who is interested in helping to join us at one of our scheduled events later this week or organise a litter survey themselves.

There will be events held in Glasgow, Stirling, Edinburgh, Lockerbie and Perth with the aim of collecting as many marine litter surveys as possible in order to create a national data set for Scotland and ultimately reduce litter in our waterways.

If you would like to get involved visit our Upstream Battle page for more information.

23 January 2024

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