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Wheatley Homes East tenants named Neighbourhood Champions

Tenants at Wheatley Homes East, part of Wheatley Group, have been recognised for their efforts to improve communities.

We were delighted to attend the launch of Wheatley Group’s Neighbourhood Champion Awards in Edinburgh on 24 January.

Tenants David Turnbull and Judith Buller of Friends of Thornybauk in Edinburgh received an award, as did Peter Donaldson and Andrew Hack from Barracks View, West Lothian.

David Turnbull said: “I have experienced the great benefits of good community participation in the groups I meet with my Keep Scotland Beautiful projects and with Thornybauk Community Garden and also this year with Wester Suttieslea Grove at Newtongrange.

“I am still learning and hopefully I can bring these experiences to Wheatley Homes East communities.”

The day included a presentation to showcase the activities of the Champions in their own backyards, with a strong focus on community spirit, bridging generational and cultural gaps between tenants, and creating spaces to bring people together.

There was also recognition for the tenants’ ideas for planting flowers and growing vegetables.

Andrew Hack said: “The garden was started just after Peter and I moved in about four years ago. It first started as a litter pick and dog poo removal, and to remove badly overground weeds.

“Many neighbours and passers-by stopped to chat with us whilst carrying out the work, this was also a beneficial distraction during Covid with both Peter and I being on the estate more.

“After Covid it helped to improve people speaking to each other and return things to a bit normal after social distancing measures.”

Jamie Ormiston, our Senior Officer, Awards, said: “We are delighted to recognise the hard work of these four Wheatley customers in improving the green spaces around their homes.

“From transforming previously unloved and ignored areas into vibrant and productive growing spaces, to bringing the whole community together to learn about the benefit of fresh produce and spending time outdoors, these Neighbourhood Champions have driven change which will improve the wellbeing of Wheatley customers as well as the wider community.”

Laura Henderson, Managing Director of Wheatley Homes East, said: “We are delighted to see Judith, David, Andrew and Peter recognised for their outstanding work to improve their communities.

“At Wheatley we want people to live in communities they are proud to call home. The fantastic efforts of the Neighbourhood Champions will make a difference to Wheatley areas not just for today or tomorrow but for years to come.”

We work with Wheatley Group through a bespoke version of our National Award for Environmental Excellence®  – a framework for continual improvement, recognising and awarding best practice in environmental management, maintenance, waste management and community engagement.

The National Award for Environmental Excellence® supports businesses and organisations to improve environmental practices through a process of assessing policies and strategies, as well as on site audits, helping you to understand your impact on our environment and respond to the risks, opportunities and responsibilities ahead.

Visit National Award for Environment Excellence® | Keep Scotland Beautiful for more information.

21 February 2024

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