Political roadblocks won't stop our Net Zero ambition

While today’s announcement that the Scottish Government plans to weaken Scotland’s climate legislation is disappointing, we remain determined to play our part in this Net Zero journey.

Climate change is not something we can, or will, shy away from. Through our Climate Emergency Training, Climate Action Schools framework and our Climate and Nature Friendly Communities Network, we’re continuously inspired by the positive actions people across Scotland are taking to be more climate friendly.

Catherine Gee, our Deputy CEO, said: “There is an urgent need for us to talk to people about climate change and what can be done. Today’s Scottish Government decision to adjust targets to combat climate change highlights the real challenges everyone faces to shift deeply embedded societal behaviours. 

“But, we can all do something by learning more and, starting with small changes, we can talk about what is working and do more to share the positives.

“Everyday we see first-hand how people and organisations all over Scotland are successfully taking action now to combat climate change. The journey to Net Zero won’t be easy, but we must remember to celebrate every step forward on the way.”

As a proud member of Stop Climate Chaos Scotland, we echo their frustration and disappointment at today’s announcement. Simultaneously, we also want to help people embrace positive action and changes that our good for the planet and ourselves.

Catherine added: “We will carry on inspiring action on climate change and are committed to supporting Scotland to become a Net Zero country.

“We will not be distracted by the political situation and will focus our efforts on continuing to work as tirelessly as ever to encourage people to make positive changes to accelerate emissions reduction.”

Become Carbon Literate through our Climate Emergency Training, learn more about Climate Action Schools, our framework of initiatives supporting young people and educators learn more about climate change or register your group in our Climate and Nature Friendly Communities Network to join other like-minded groups working to be improve and protect our communities.

18 April 2024

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