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Planning ahead for the third year of HCWP


As the Highland Community Waste Partnership (HCWP) enters its third and final year, the HCWP team gathered to reflect on progress to date and plan for the year ahead.

On 30 April, the eight partners, as well as coordinating partner Keep Scotland Beautiful, met up in Inverness.

We reviewed our updated programme plan, making sure that the vast and varied work carried out by the HCWP, both locally and Highland-wide, was accurately captured and recognised. In addition to our ongoing programme of events and workshops, some highlights now include:

We then looked ahead at our plans for Year 3, including a discussion about the legacy of the HCWP. Over the coming year, not only will we be working to close off all of our work, but also to ensure that the valuable development, learning and relationships built over the course of the project are not lost, and can continue to benefit the wider Highland Community after its completion.

We will also, of course, be organising some celebration activity to showcase and share some of our success. Stay tuned!


30 April 2024

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