Our manifesto for the UK elections

Environment is a priority. People want to see climate change action. People want to see action on litter.

Our manifesto for the forthcoming UK elections focuses on four key asks – all of which need to be a priority for all political parties. Particularly now, in light of today's two significant announcements  - the end of the Bute House Agreement and a delay from the UK government of any Deposit Return Scheme from 2025 to 2027.

Responding to these announcements, and ahead of the forthcoming elections, we are proud to present our manifesto, our key asks, that we believe are crucial for people in Scotland to be able to address the climate, litter and nature emergencies.

Barry Fisher, our Chief Executive, said: "Today's announcements, at a UK and Scottish level, must not distract us from the fact that there is a strong desire from people across Scotland for positive action for our environment. Research published just days ago shows that a majority (62%) of people in Scotland want to move ahead with net zero efforts, and we know 85% of people want to see more efforts taken to prevent litter in their area

"The climate, nature and litter emergencies must be addressed urgently if we are not to slip further away from the possibility of reversing negative trends. With the Bute House Agreement ending, it is even more imperative that all political parties ensure that the environment, our nature and our people are at the heart of policies and decisions we make for our future.

“And while we believe that the delay by the UK Government for a Deposit Return Scheme is a major setback to us in how we can tackle our worsening litter problem, we will continue to call for an all-in UK wide system. The fact of the matter is that 27% of sites record a presence of litter that is recoverable under a Deposit Return Scheme, so we know a sufficient and well-designed Deposit Return Scheme is vital to tackle a significant contributor to Scotland's litter emergency, and should have been implemented long before now."

As we look towards the possibility of a UK election, we are proud to present our manifesto and hopeful that these asks can be implemented to ensure that Scotland's climate, litter and nature emergencies are addressed as a priority.

We will continue to be ambitious, collaborative and positive and call for others to work with us, for Scotland, for our future and for now.

Read our manifesto here.

25 April 2024

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