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HCWP and Transition Black Isle present at annual conference

The Circular Communities Scotland Annual Conference 2023 - Uniting for a Circular Scotland was held at the Radisson Blu in Glasgow on 15 November 2023.

The event celebrated amazing examples of partnership working that show the strength and power that comes with cooperating for a greater cause, and as always, showcased members’ incredible work in Scotland’s circular third sector.

Circular Communities Scotland members collaborate in a variety of amazing ways, whilst each providing environmental and social benefits to their own communities across Scotland. Together, they contribute to our circular economy, and make tangible differences to people’s lives, challenging social issues like homelessness, poverty and inequality.

Transition Black Isle (TBI), as part of the Highland Community Waste Partnership (HCWP), was asked to join some of the keynote speakers to present their work, which aims to increase the ‘share and repair’ opportunities across the Black Isle, focusing on the Black Isle Repair Café and partnership working. 

The Black Isle Repair Café is a committed group of volunteers, supported by the Black Isle Men’s Shed, TBI and the HCWP which has been held in various locations across the Black Isle each month, inviting residents to bring in items that need repaired including sewing, electrical and digital repairs as well as knife and tool sharpening, general repairs and bike repairs.

The mission is to keep items in use and out of landfill, helping to contribute to a more circular economy which in turn helps to save money. 

Laura Donnelly, HCWP Project Officer for TBI, said: "It was a privilege being able to share the journey of the Black Isle Repair Café with members of Circular Communities Scotland and highlight the fabulous work being carried out by the Repair Cafe’s dedicated volunteers."

Learn more about the Highland Community Waste Partnership's work on share and repair initiatives.


15 November 2023

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