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Climate change - we’re focusing on positivity

Attending the Climate Conversation, hosted by the First Minister and Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Net Zero and Just Transition, on Wednesday 8 Nov, we were encouraged to hear the clear commitment to domestic and international action on climate change.

Our coalition partners at Stop Climate Chaos Scotland have published their thoughts from the conversation and we strongly agree with their call for the commitments made by the Scottish Government to be backed up with real and meaningful action over the coming months as Scotland’s Climate Change Plan is updated. This is so very important as we consider the forthcoming COP28 where more significant commitment at a global and international scale will be discussed. We know this is still required, and urgently.

Through our partnerships and activities, we will continue to use our influence and reach to help everyone in Scotland, no matter who or where they are, to understand the urgency and importance of taking action and the positive benefits that a net zero society can bring for people, society and nature.

We will do this through our accredited and introductory training, our pioneering Climate Action Schools framework and our support of varying sectors, including sport, construction and housing, to help them understand the risks and opportunities ahead.

We will continue to develop and deploy campaigns tackling consumption, litter and empowering people to make the small changes they can that collectively make a massive impact. We will also use the data we collect and analyse, and the knowledge and experience we are proud to have in our team, to ensure we influence policy at a national and international level where we can.

Most of all, we believe we must continue to remain realistic and optimistic at a time when there is a real risk and potential for the environment to become a political tool full of misinformation. We reiterate our call for the environment to unite us rather than divide us. 

Find out more about our work to combat climate change and please get in touch if you want to work together. Together we can make Scotland a net zero nation.


08 November 2023

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