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Tune in to the 3R's - Waste Reduction on the Radio

Janet Ullman, a Community Waste Officer from Broadford & Strath Community Company, part of the Highland Community Waste Partnership, has been working with Skye Radio on a short series of broadcasts highlighting the work of the Highland Community Waste Partnership and covering a range of topics to encourage everyone to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Episodes so far include:

  • Electrical Recycling with ILM in Skye
  • Pre-loved toys and clothes for under 5s
  • Soft packaging recycling
  • Food waste – talking about the shelf life of products and tips on how to reduce waste.
  • Books – what to do with old books and where to get pre-loved books. 
  • Energy and staying warm
  • ‘Make Do and Mend’ Workshops
  • Saving on electricity bills
  • Fresh water/bottled water – how to save water at home and reduce using plastic bottles.
  • ‘Waste Not Wednesdays’ 
  • Canned food – the potential canned food has in reducing food waste, low cost cooking and how you can get good food all year round.
  • Composting at home

Fiona Gallie, Broadford & Strath's Community Waste Officer, said: "Janet joined our team earlier this year to help with community engagement in Skye and Raasay. I'm delighted she jumped at the chance to talk to Radio Skye about how we can all do our bit for waste reduction".

Broadford & Strath hope to add to the series of broadcasts as new topics arise. Listen to all the ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’ short episodes here


01 May 2023

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