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Hazlehead PS pupils are Clean Up Heroes

Hazlehead Primary School pupils were recently awarded a Clean Up Scotland Hero award for their litter picking efforts in the local area.

The school will receive a clean-up kit from our partner Helping Hand Environmental which includes a new litter picker, handi-hoop bag holder, gloves and high vis vest.

Pupils have been working hard to clean up Aberdeen, learning about environmental issues and how they can help.  They have then put what they have learnt into practice and carried out litter picks in their local community.

Each Friday morning, pupils at the school join together in their Working Groups to try and address key areas at a local and national level. Two of the groups, namely the Eco Group and Community Group, have been working hard to raise awareness of local issues such as recycling, litter reduction, chewing gum disposal, responsible dog ownership and charity work. 

Additionally, more than 100 pupils, staff and parents carried out a huge litter pick in the Hazlehead community. In just under two hours, 40 bags of litter had been collected.

Local residents commented on how they were very impressed with the efforts made by the children and encouraged them to continue the good work. 

Pupils have also collected data for Scoop Watch and, after learning how prevalent the issue of dog fouling was, went on to create campaign posters and poo bag dispensers for the streets surrounding the school.

The children have also worked litter picking into their eco code as they believe everyone has a responsibility to look after the planet.

Sarah-Elaine Will, the teacher at Hazlehead who nominated the pupils, said: “We are delighted that the children and staff here at Hazlehead Primary School have received this special award.

“The pupils were inspired to serve their local community and their enthusiasm and motivation has been infectious in all the projects they've undertaken. Being responsible citizens is a key feature of our curriculum and it's fantastic to see all the pupils' hard work being recognised by winning this national award.”

Aberdeen City Council Education and Children’s Services Convener Councillor Martin Greig said: “I am delighted that Hazlehead Primary School has been recognised as clean-up heroes and the Clean Up Hero award for the school is very much deserved.

“It is brilliant that the young people have taken on the responsibility of looking after [or caring for] the school grounds and the local neighbourhood. You can see the difference they have made in improving the area and I am very grateful for their excellent work.

“The enthusiasm and energy of the team is an inspiration to everyone and their contribution to the city's Clean Up Aberdeen initiative is very much appreciated.”

Heather Mclaughlin, our Campaigns Coordinator, said: “I am incredibly pleased to award Hazlehead Primary School with our Clean Up Scotland Hero award. They are all great role models for everyone and really deserves this recognition.

“We are currently facing a Litter Emergency in Scotland so it is more important than ever that we look after our beautiful country and keep it clean and tidy.

“Our Spring Clean begins this week and we hope thousands of people from across Scotland will take a leaf out of everyone at Hazlehead’s book and help us to keep Scotland beautiful by carrying out a litter pick in their local area.”

Larni Williams-Davies, Marketing Manager at Helping Hand Environmental, said: “We have been proudly supporting the Hero of the Month Award since 2014 - over that time we have highlighted and rewarded almost 100 Scottish litter heroes with kits of sustainable litter picking equipment for their continuous efforts to Keep Scotland Beautiful, a mission that is very important to us.

"We would like to congratulate this month’s winner, the amazing pupils at Hazlehead Primary School, who have continuously worked hard to clean up the areas within Aberdeen whilst taking a passionate interest in learning about the Environmental issues at hand.”

Our Spring Clean will run between 17 March and 17 April. For more information about how to get involved with this and the Clean Up Scotland campaign visit Spring Clean 2023 | Keep Scotland Beautiful.

14 March 2023

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