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Climate and nature groups urge next First Minister to ‘urgently pick up the pace’ in tackling environmental crises

Scotland is in a climate and nature emergency and we at Keep Scotland Beautiful want to see Scotland achieve its net zero ambition by 2045 which is why - along with over 100 other Scottish organisations – we have today called upon the SNP leadership candidates to urgently pick up the pace of action to tackle the climate and nature crises if they become Scotland’s next First Minister.

Whilst positive steps have been taken under Nicola Sturgeon’s Government including passing ambitious climate targets, providing international leadership on wildlife protection, and committing finance to help address climate-change-induced Loss and Damage, significantly deeper and faster action needs to be taken by the next First Minister.

Keep Scotland Beautiful is a member of both the Stop Climate Chaos Scotland coalition and Scottish Environment Link.

The letter can be viewed here.


06 March 2023

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