More than 6,000 people across Scotland take steps towards Carbon Literacy

We celebrate milestone by expanding our range of Climate Emergency Training.

Thousands of people across Scotland have started their journey to become Carbon Literate.

We have expanded our range of Climate Emergency Training for businesses, organisations and individuals across Scotland as we celebrate more than 6,000 people participating in our training.

Since pioneering Climate Emergency Training in Scotland in 2016, we have  worked across sectors and subjects to help businesses, organisations and individuals understand the Climate Emergency and mount a successful response.

A key part of the training is Accredited Climate Emergency Training, with over 5,000 people being certified as Carbon Literate after gaining knowledge of the carbon costs and impacts of activities and identifying practical actions to tackle them.

We have expanded our range of Accredited Training to include 10 sector-based courses for businesses and organisations covering: Biodiversity; Communities; Construction; Energy; Housing; Local Authority; Tourism; Sport; Transport and Youth. Businesses and organisations can also commission customised Accredited Training, while individuals have the option of a rolling quarterly course.

We have have also supported more than 1,000 people to take their first steps in finding out more about the Climate Emergency through shorter Introductory Training, which includes an e-Learning Module and online webinars.

The range of Accredited and Introductory Training available means that we can help businesses and organisations to create a package of training that is relevant to their needs.

All the training is made relevant to the Scottish context through engaging, informative and topical content and cuts through jargon, so participants have a clear understanding of terms like ‘net zero’, ‘global warming’, ‘climate change’ and ‘carbon footprint’.

In addition, the training emphasises hope over despair, and includes examples of the many co-benefits of climate action – such as improved air quality, better energy security and reduced fuel poverty.

Catherine Gee, our Deputy Chief Executive, said:

“We want to create a Carbon Literate Scotland to help combat climate change and ensure that businesses, organisations and individuals across the country can respond successfully to the risks, responsibilities, and opportunities ahead.

“That’s why we have expanded our Climate Emergency Training to provide further opportunities for contextual learning through 10 accredited sector-based courses. This training will help you identify practical actions to reduce carbon emissions, and future-proof your business, organisation and homelife as far as possible.”

In addition to the physical impacts of our changing climate, there are changing customer expectations around green business, and the Scottish Government’s declaration of a Climate Emergency is leading to greener legislation.  Climate Emergency Training will help upskill businesses, organisations, and people across Scotland, so they have the knowledge required to mount a successful response and move us towards a net zero society.

Find out more about Climate Emergency Training on our website here.

06 June 2023

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