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Time for a Climate Literate Nation

Following the recent Scottish Government announcement that our greenhouse gas emissions targets were missed in 2021, the Climate Change Committee has now confirmed that the UK has lost its international leadership on climate change and is not moving strongly or swiftly enough to ensure that we transition to net zero in line with our legally binding targets.

Catherine Gee, our Deputy CEO said, “It really is time for bold, meaningful and resourced action on climate change across all nations.  Just recently, we hear of positive action from France in its commitment to provide training on the climate and nature crises to all employees in the public sector.  Now that’s leadership.  We call for this to be the case across the UK nations.”

Our ambition is to make Scotland Climate Literate and, since pioneering Climate Emergency Training in Scotland in 2016, we've worked across sectors and subjects to help individuals, businesses, organisations, teachers and young people to understand the Climate Emergency, inspiring appropriate and practical action. 

Just recently we became the first in Scotland to achieve Platinum status as a Carbon Literate Organisation from the Carbon Literacy Project.  We call on leaders of all organisations, from across sectors, to set the same ambition and work with us to take meaningful action on climate change.

Find out more about our Climate Emergency Training and our Nature and Biodiversity Training and take the first step towards helping Scotland become a world leader empowering climate action and protecting nature and biodiversity.


29 June 2023

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