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In-vessel composting survey launched for Highland businesses

Lochaber Environmental Group (LEG), part of the Highland Community Waste Partnership (HCWP) have launched an Online In-vessel Composting Survey to gather information on the use of in-vessel food waste composters across the Highlands.

There is anecdotal evidence that a number of in-vessel composters have been installed across the Highlands, but not all are currently in operation. The aim of the survey is to identify different businesses and organisations who are currently using an in-vessel composter, have previously used an in-vessel composter, or would like to use an in-vessel composter to reduce the environmental impact of their food waste and potentially utilise those in-vessel composters no longer in operation.

The survey also aims to identify which businesses and organisations would be interested in being part of a Highland wide network for those using in-vessel composters to manage their food waste. The purpose of the network is to generate and share learning around in-vessel composting, in order to support this practice among businesses and communities in the Highlands. 

HCWP Project Officer, Lesley Hawkins, from Lochaber Environmental Group said: "I'd like to ask all businesses and organisations with in-vessel composter experience to participate in the survey."

"It's a great opportunity to share resources and support and build a Highland wide in-vessel composting community".

All interested parties are encouraged to participate in the Online In-Vessel Composting Survey which will be available until 15th September 2023.

For more information on food waste reduction initiatives, please visit the Highland Community Waste Partnership Food Waste page.


27 June 2023

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