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Thurso Community Development Trust host Zero Waste Day

Thurso Community Development Trust (Thurso CDT), of the Highland Community Waste Partnership hosted a Zero Waste Day in Thurso on Saturday, 28th January. The whole day-long range of events included re-using, re-purposing, repairing and sharing things!

The venue was buzzing with people in the morning who came to attend the Keep Warm swishing party with Thurso Sharing Shed providing plenty of great ingredients for a huge pot of soup and fresh rolls.

Donations were made of over 150 items of warm clothing and over 40 pieces of various household appliances and utensils aimed at tackling the effects of cold weather.

In the afternoon, the talented repair wizards Sara-Jane Hardy from Thurso CDT, George Ewing from Cycling UK and David Sutherland from local community – were teaching attendees how to repair and service their clothing, bikes and various home appliances. It was incredible to watch one gentleman fixing his antique mantle clock at the repair café all by himself, just because he got the necessary confidence boost and reassurance! The mantle clock that has been in the family for 3 generations and was silent for years, is now diligently chiming every hour again!

It only took a couple of hours for the repair experts to return 8 great items to life that otherwise would most likely have ended up at landfill or recycling centre for low-level recycling whilst saved quite a few hundreds of pounds in total for the owners.

Oksana Latsiuta, Highland Community Waste Development Officer for Thurso CDT said: “With everyone facing the effects of the cost of living crisis in one way or another, isn’t it a very pleasant side effect to have a responsible attitude to waste reduction?”.

To find swapping and repair events in your area visit the Highland Community Waste Partnership website.


26 January 2023

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