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Thurso Community Development Trust Book Swap and Book Folding Workshop

On 26th February 2023 all Thurso based bookworms were welcome to take part in a book swap over a cup of tea and a biscuit at the Thurso Community Development Trust offices.

In additional to a discussion about favourite books and authors, the group reflected on the impact of the paper industry and the benefits of reducing and reusing paper over recycling, which still has an environmental impact - though it is still better than completely wasting resources by sending them to landfill. Attendees then discussed how they could reduce the amount of paper they used at home. 

Oksana Latsiuta, the Highland Community Waste Partnership officer leading the workshop said: "We hope each of our visitors got inspired and left our event charged with enthusiasm to make some difference for our planet".

The book swap was followed by a book folding workshop, where attendees learned an artistic and satisfying way of upcycling unwanted books, through techniques like book folding and sculpture.

Some photos of the workshop, including the book sculptures, can be found on the Thurso Community Development Trust Facebook page.

To find waste reduction events in your area visit the Highland Community Waste Partnership events page.


26 February 2023

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