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Thousands of pupils join in to watch our Live Lessons

On 23 January we hosted almost 2,500 pupils from across Scotland in our Global Citizenship Live Lesson.  

In the Live Lesson, pupils were invited to question what it really means to be a citizen of today’s world, especially in order to build a better place for all.  

For Early Years – P3 pupils, children’s author Chris Naylor-Ballesteros read his book The Suitcase, inviting pupils to explore empathy through activity. British charity Christian Aid delivered workshops for P4-P7 pupils and children’s author and advocate Nicola Davies used her novels as a way to highlight the vital and necessary connection between empathy, kindness, story sharing and citizenship. High school pupils were invited to take part in a pre-recorded workshop by Nicola Davies which included a reading of her novel The Day War Came. Many thanks to all involved for taking the time to be involved in the lessons.  

We invited Paws on Plastic to host a mini Live Lessons on the topic of using daily dog walks as an opportunity to pick up a few bits of litter. A huge thank you to Marion Montgomery from the organisation who took the lesson and who was joined by 1,600 pupils watching live!  

The Live Lessons, which are part of our Climate Action Schools framework, support the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal 4, Quality Education.  

Our next Live Lesson is a mini lesson from Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home and we have a full week of lessons as part of our Scottish Spring Clean. Find out all the information and sign up here.

06 February 2023

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