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Wheatley tenants complete NAEE training

Tenants in Glasgow's North East and North West have recently completed our Customer Assessor Training.

Delivered to equip customers of Wheatley Homes Glasgow with the skills and knowledge needed to build trust between staff and tenants, the training delivered valuable assessments to help enhance the quality of the local area.

In October Jamie Ormiston, our Senior Officer, Awards, and Alexander Stevenson, our Environment and Place Officer, visited Baltic Street in the North East to help Wheatley Homes Glasgow develop a self-sufficient group of tenants who are invested in the improvement of their local areas and give them the tools to succeed in conducting audits of the environmental quality of multi-storey or tenement stock.

The assessor training consisted of an overview of our partnership with the Wheatley Group, learning how to conduct an assessment and how to identify issues in a property. This was followed by instruction on how to grade on a Red-Amber-Green traffic light scoring system, and how to report findings to staff, with the process culminating in a practical assessment of properties.

After completing the training the tenants had the knowledge and skills required to assess properties according to the National Award for Environmental Excellence® (NAEE) framework, while being able to share valuable insights into the local area and the condition of their residences. This engagement created a platform where Wheatley customers could influence the services provided and engage with staff.

Then, just earlier this month Alexander visited Dykebar Avenue in the North West to equip 10 customers of Wheatley Homes Glasgow with the skills and knowledge needed to build trust between staff and tenants – who came from a variety of areas in the North West including Wynford, Milton, Summerston and Blairdardie – with a variety of experiences and ideas helping to shape the training into an enjoyable and thought provoking day.

This training session followed a similar format to the October session, with tenants breaking into a number of teams led by a member of Wheatley Staff and moved through the external, internal and waste management areas before returning to the hub to discuss their findings.

Jamie Ormiston, our Senior Officer, Awards, said: "It is incredibly encouraging to see Wheatley customers engaged in the auditing process for the National Award for Environmental Excellence. The people living and working within the buildings we assess are well suited to identify where improvements need to be made and this group of customers really have a keen eye for detail. We are seeing continuous improvement of Wheatley properties every year and this customer engagement will push standards even higher and improve the areas for everyone."

Alexander Stevenson, our Environment and Place Officer, added: "The tenants really embraced the training, and it was rewarding for us as trainers, to see the enthusiasm, passion and willingness to get involved in really understanding the material. The group really came into their own when talking about the issues that affect their communities and really showcased their ability to critique the multi-storey flat, the landscaped areas and waste management areas. We, at Keep Scotland Beautiful, are looking forward to hearing of this groups successes, and see how this capacity can grow in the future, continuing to deliver a strong customer voice which champions environmental issues."

Jennifer Bowers, Julie Marron and Caroline Hever, Wheatley Homes Stronger Voices Officers, said: "It was great to be working with KSB, our NETs (Neighbourhood Environmental Teams) and especially our customers to make our community at the North-east a nicer place to live.”

Desmond Gallagher, a Wheatley Homes tenant who participated in the training, added: "I really enjoyed the course; it was very well done and well organised from start to finish."

The National Award for Environmental Excellence® supports businesses and organisations to improve environmental practices through a process of assessing policies and strategies, as well as on site audits, helping you to understand your impact on our environment and respond to the risks, opportunities and responsibilities ahead.

Visit National Award for Environment Excellence® | Keep Scotland Beautiful for more information.


23 December 2023

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