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#ConsciousConsumption tips for festive season

The Highland Community Waste Partnership (HCWP) has launched a new campaign to promote more conscious consumption during the festive season. This time of year is all about fun get togethers and gift giving but with it comes an increase in consumption. Just think about all the greeting cards, cardboard and wrapping paper we throw away each year, never mind the food waste, Christmas trees, glass bottles, old toys and unwanted gifts.

This year let's celebrate #ConsciousConsumption and reduce our holiday waste with some top tips for food waste & composting, share & repair and packaging & single-use.

Every day, during the festive season, HCWP social media channels will be posting top tips and sharing resources and ideas from our supporting partners and national campaigns. 

Joanne Dunn, HCWP Stakeholder Engagement Officer for Keep Scotland Beautiful, said: I'm really excited about this Conscious Consumption Festive Campaign. There are lots of quick, easy and fun ideas to help us all reduce our waste during the holidays which helps to protect our environment and potentially save us all money too.

Learn about what each of us can do to promote more #ConsciousConsumption..


04 December 2023

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