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National Litter and Flytipping Strategy Response Submitted


01 April 2022

We have welcomed the collaborative approach taken by Scottish Government to develop and consult on a new Litter and Flytipping Strategy for Scotland. We believe the approach taken through Programme Management Groups for the two strands of the strategy should continue through the implementation stages of the strategy for effective monitoring and oversight – something that was highlighted as missing from the previous strategy.  

Finally, and crucially, the issue of resourcing and funding must be addressed if we are to have a genuine opportunity of reversing the issues Scotland faces in terms of declining local environmental quality standards and the looming litter emergency. Previous Scottish Government funding for dealing with litter was at a significantly higher level than the current allocation (these levels are noted in the published review of the previous litter strategy) and will be critical to addressing this public issue at scale and to achieve sustained changes in behaviours and attitudes.  

The recent announcement from UK Government in relation to Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) notes that the full net costs of dealing with litter for Scotland and Wales will include ground litter as well as communications campaigns and dealing with bin litter. This is welcomed but we will urge UK Government and Northern Ireland Assembly to reconsider its position and to align with the Scottish and Welsh Governments on this issue.  

Whilst it is anticipated that funds generated through EPR will make a significant contribution to the delivery of the litter aspects of the new strategy, there is a time-gap until these benefits are realised and action is required now to address this pressing issue. Stakeholders also expect action and resources from the Scottish Government not least given the amount of engagement and input that has been sought on the strategy. We urge the Scottish Government to commit new and meaningful funds to support the implementation and achievement of this new strategy across its lifetime. 

The draft strategy document sets out the proposed actions, and you can read more about our involvement in the development of the strategy and our response to the consultation on our Litter webpage


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