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50 days until the election - we invite local government to collaborate in striving towards Net Zero

16 March 2022

We have launched our 2022 Manifesto asks ahead of the Scottish Local Government elections taking place in May. At its heart, our manifesto calls for local government to involve, support, and empower communities and young people to take actions toward a cleaner, greener and more sustainable Scotland.  

Reflecting our three main goals: combatting climate change; tackling litter and waste; and protecting and enhancing the places we care for; we are asking parties to commit to a number of asks. These include: 

  • Making Scotland a fully carbon literate country through a comprehensive programme of education and training for all, to encourage behaviour change and build public support for the just transition to Net Zero. 
  • Making Scotland a fully ‘litterate’ country, through a community-focused programme of education, training and public engagement. 
  • Making Scotland a global leader in responsible tourism, enhancing appreciation of the beauty and richness of Scotland’s environment while also benefiting the communities who live and work here. 

Local government should stand behind the commitment to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 and ensuring that these support a green and just recovery. 

We believe that we have a positive programme for change; one that aligns with the priorities we know are held by our communities and neighbourhoods, as well as local government. We recognise that no one organisation or body can do all of the work alone, and so our Manifesto also showcases a number of our programmes as offers to support local government and gives them the opportunity to engage with us beyond the programmes that we might already be running. Our programmes are already having a positive impact across Scotland, but there is so much more that we can achieve for our communities through working and collaborating with local government.  

We call on local government to engage with us and the programmes and initiatives we have on offer. Let’s do Net Zero together. 


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