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Water Live Lesson Prize Winners Announced

24 June 2022

We finished off the school year with a Live Lesson all about water.  Our friends from Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RSZZ) introduced us to the Penguins at Edinburgh Zoo and taught us all about endangered Flapper Skates. We also enjoyed stories about Scottish legends of mermaids and kelpies, from Storyteller Allison Galbraith courtesy of the Scottish Book Trust and learned how much water it takes to make some every day things. 

After every Live Lesson we encourage pupils to have a go at answering a short quiz and to send in a piece of work to be entered into a prize draw.

For the Water Live Lesson Quiz, the winner of a virtual tour at either the Edinburgh Zoo or the Highland Wildlife Park generously provided by the RZSS is Miss Beattie's P5 class at Bearsden Primary School.


We encouraged pupils to write their own folk story and the winners will each receive a copy of Dancing with Trees from Allison Galbraith: 

Central School, Aberdeenshire

Kingsland Primary School, Scottish Borders

Our Lady and St. Joseph’s Primary School, North Lanarkshire

St John the Baptist Primary School, South Lanarkshire

St Anne’s Primary School, Renfrewshire


We are grateful to our partners for their support and for working with us to create this year's series of Live Lessons.  We have enjoyed these so much, and more are planned for the new school year.  To use recordings of previous lessons, or to register for new lessons when they become available please have a look at the Live Lesson section of the Eco-Schools webpages. 


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