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Scottish Government publishes analysis report on National Litter and Flytipping Strategy consultation

28 July 2022

We’ve welcomed the publication of the Analysis Report on the Scottish Government’s consultation on a new Litter and Flytipping Strategy for Scotland. 

During the consultation period we supported Scottish people to make their voices heard and are heartened by the number of responses made from local authorities and public bodies, the private sector, community groups and individuals across Scotland.  It was clear people wanted to see urgent action to improve their neighbourhoods and tackle littering behaviours. 

Our research shows that 88% of Scots agree that litter is a problem across Scotland, and 70% are concerned about the problem in their area. We listened to those we work with, to young people, to communities, to businesses and to local authorities and their responses informed our own response to the consultation

It is also clear from the analysis report that there are high levels of support for the key recommendations of our 2020 report – Time for a new approach to tackling litter.

We particularly welcome:

  • the overwhelming support (88%) to develop and adopt a national campaign on litter;
  • that almost 70% of people support the creation of a national litter hub to support local communities;
  • the strong appetite (82%) to establish a community focused education programme - we are currently trialling our ‘Litterate’ community education programme;
  • that four in five responses support conducting further research and to understand the full range of drivers behind littering behaviours;
  • the support of 73% to review available litter data and reach agreement on a common approach to data collection, one which supports the identification of common litter items and hotspots, which 93% wish to see, and also empowers people to contribute through citizen science, which 69% wished to see; and
  • that 82% support the formation of an action focused group to encourage collaboration and support innovation.

Catherine Gee, our Deputy CEO, said: “We are encouraged by the positive support for the actions identified in the consultation paper and the collaborative approach taken by the Scottish Government to develop and consult on the Litter and Flytipping Strategy.

“We’ve been pleased with this approach and look forward to continuing to work with the government, SEPA and Zero Waste Scotland to develop the new strategy to ensure that the actions receiving support in the analysis report, and the work we are already leading to trial new and innovative approaches to the issue, are reflected in the final strategy.

“However, as we stated in our consultation response it is essential that new strategy is effectively resourced from the outset to ensure it meets the expectations of those who took part in the consultation process and delivers for the people of Scotland.

“We urge the Scottish Government to commit meaningful funding to support the implementation and achievement of this new strategy across its lifetime.”

You can read more about our work on our litter, research and publications and campaign web pages.





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