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A focus on consumption at the Highland Climate Festival


07 July 2022

From 25 Jun – 3 Jul Highland Adapts in collaboration with the North Highlands and Islands Climate Hub organised the first ever Highland Climate Festival to celebrate all the great climate action happening across the region.

The Highland Community Waste Partnership supported this event with a programme of activity, including:

  • Climate cafes and film nights
  • Car boot sales, clothes swaps and other swishing events
  • Zero-waste markets
  • Repurposing, mending and repair workshops and pop-up events

In total, 25 events were carried out by HCWP members across the Highlands, to help raise awareness and drive action around consumption (i.e.  how we buy, use and waste stuff) in the context of climate change.

HCWP Coordinator, Georgina Massouraki, said: "The Highland Climate Festival was a great opportunity to start talking about the fact that the way that we’re set up to consume is essentially driving the climate emergency -and start looking at how we can do things differently in the Highlands.

We are challenging the notion that things should be conveniently disposable and exploring alternative ways of getting what we need without continuing to drive environmental destruction and carbon emissions.

With 80% of Scotland’s carbon footprint coming from the stuff that we produce, use and throw out, often after just one or a few uses, finding ways to use and waste less is a crucial part of addressing the climate emergency."

The Highland Community Waste Partenrship will continue to produce an ongoing programme of events, aiming to inspire and educate around new ways of consuming. These can be viewed on the HCWP events page. In addition over the next three years the Partnership will be working across the region to drive, connect and amplify any initiatives seeking to implement altenratives and establish a less wasteful and more circular economy.

For more information about the Highland Community Waste Partnershipvisit the HCWP website.

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