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Call out issued for young people to engage with mini-Litter Less campaign

01 October 2021

Scotland is facing a looming litter emergency and we are calling for teachers and youth leaders to get involved in a new international 10-day campaign to tackle litter.

The Mini Litter Less campaign will run from 18 – 28 October 2021 and those that sign up to participate will be supported with a seven-point action plan.  The plan includes activities to learn about the biodiversity and nature around you, to understand plastic pollution, to find out more about invisible pollutants, to consider consumption habits, to think about the partnership approach to tackling the issue, and to organise a litter pick and celebration picnic.

The campaign will also feature a Zero Waste Day where young people will be encouraged to live a whole day without producing any waste at all.

Participants will be asked to post their thoughts, photos and videos on social media using the #LitterLessCampaign, and the best three will be selected by us and entered into an international competition – with the best 10 global entries winning a prize of $100.

Our Education and Learning Manager Daniel Barrie, said, “Litter Less is an annual campaign we run on behalf of the Foundation of Environmental Education (FEE).  Across the world 15 other countries participate and it supports over 1.3million children and over 20,000 educators to improve and enhance the places they love in their own villages, towns and cities by campaigning to stop litter.

“This Mini Litter Less campaign provides an easy to follow seven-point action plan to help drive a change in the behaviour that causes litter.  The actions are easy to fulfil and are designed to be tackled one a day over a period of time. 

“Tackling litter and waste is crucial if we are to reverse declining standards of cleanliness across our country and the planet so we would encourage everyone to get involved.”

We have run the wider Litter Less campaign for nine years, and in that time, £56,000 of support has been provided to 244 Scottish schools helping them, to become more litter-ate and to purchase litter picking equipment and bins.  In addition, more than, 4,000 educators and 50,000 children and young people have been involved across Scotland.

If you are interested in getting involved contact or visit our Litterless web pages.

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