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Young Reporter speaks at COP Green Zone Event

02 November 2021

Scottish Young Reporter Callum Alexander participated in a panel event at the COP26 Green Zone with the Foundation For Environmental Education. The event showcased the work of FEE programmes in bringing young people together for climate action.

Through panel presentations, the event showcased stories of positive actions from around the world. It brought together voices of different stakeholders such as youth leaders from Eco-Schools, managers of Green Key awarded establishments, municipalities with Blue Flag accredited sites, and Young Reporters for the Environment.

The event explored how the FEE network is able to make an impact at a global scale with common principles and goals to achieve a sustainable world. It connected the global impact FEE is creating through stories of change supported by local examples from stakeholders from the UK.

Our CEO Barry Fisher welcomed all the delegates to Scotland before the event, at which a Scottish Young Reporter Callum Alexander, who attends Perth High School participated in a panel discussion.

Callum's winning 2020-2021 Young Reporters for the Environment competition was an article entitled Global Report, which explores the impacts of climate change and lays out some solutions.  Callum has expanded his report into a three point proposal for legislation he would like to see enacted to mitigate the effects of climate change.

We are thrilled that Callum has been invited to share his thoughts on climate change and his experience in the YRE programme. 

You can watch the recording here: 

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