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Communities urged to join Scotland's Climate Festival

02 November 2021

To achieve the ambitious changes needed to tackle climate change we are urging communities across the nation to come forward and register events as part of Scotland’s Climate Festival.

The exciting new initiative aims to kick start climate conversations and inspire community led climate action.  Whatever the outcome of discussions by world leaders at COP26 in Glasgow, it will augment the scale and increase the impact of empowered local voices across Scotland.

Community climate action is already widespread across Scotland and, building on that, we are calling for communities already hosting events, big and small, physical and online, to sign up to be part of Scotland’s Climate Festival – amplifying the call for greater action and raising awareness of the changes we all need to make if Scotland is to become a Net Zero Nation by 2045.

Cabinet Secretary for Net Zero, Energy and Transport Michael Matheson said: “COP26 coming to Scotland is a unique opportunity to advance the society-wide transformation demanded by the climate crisis. That’s why we are determined to make sure the event reaches out far beyond the negotiations in Glasgow, into every community in the country.

“Scotland has made great progress in delivering its world-leading climate targets and is already over half-way to net zero. To end our contribution to climate change within a generation, we will all need to play role. Our communities and young people will be at the heart of that action. This programme will help empower everyone to take action to tackle climate change – especially those that might have not previously engaged.”

All climate event organisers will have access to expert advice and resources to help promote local events in their community.  They will also be offered the opportunity to work with national agencies, such as Sustrans, Zero Waste Scotland and Community Energy Scotland, to create and support events.  Climate events will be added to an online festival map and events calendar further promoting action and engaging wider audiences.

And, to help voices of people everywhere to be included, a Seed Fund has been opened to support organisers set up community climate festivals and events across Scotland. Funds of up to £500 are available and will support groups that are interested in starting a new climate event in their local community, or in getting their fledging event to the next stage.

Catherine Gee, our Deputy CEO said, “The hosting of COP26 in Scotland must be a catalyst to broaden and intensify climate action so that everyone, from all areas of life, can play their part combatting the climate emergency. Scotland’s Climate Festival will bring the issues discussed before, during and after COP26 right to the heart of our communities, providing much needed energy and mobilisation to support local action whatever the global agreement is.

“Building on our track record of supporting communities and young people we aim to further unlock opportunities for those currently not engaged in climate change action by providing resources, links to national agency supporters, webinars, branded communications kits and seed funding.”

Scotland’s Climate Festival is supported by the Scottish Government.

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