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Scottish Entry is Litter Less Together Winner!


25 May 2021

A pupil from St Joseph's Primary School in Glasgow has won a prize in the first ever #LitterLessTogether competition including schools in Scotland, England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Ireland.  Jackson Marshall has received a gold litter picker from Helping Hands for his sculpture.

Wrigley Litter Less is a campaign offered alongside our Eco-Schools programme to reduce litter and encourage behaviour change in young people around the world.  Over the last seven years, 191 schools across Scotland have received funding through Wrigley Litter Less. 

Of the 70 countries that participate in Eco-Schools, 15 also participate in Litter Less.  This year, Keep Scotland Beautiful, Keep Britain Tidy, Keep Wales Tidy, Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful and An Taisce partnered together to call for all pupils across UK and Ireland to #LitterLessTogether.

We recognised that lockdown meant pupils were learning at home, and wanted to move Wrigley Litter Less Campaign temporarily outside the school gates so everyone still had a chance to run their anti-litter campaigns while staying safe.

Pupils were asked to take on one of three challenges to become a UK and Ireland Litter Hero:

Challenge 1: What’s your anti-litter message? Draw, paint or collage to make a poster with an anti-litter message you can share in your window.

Challenge 2: Upcycling challenge! Create something by upcycling rubbish into something useful. Have you ever used a plastic bottle as a bird feeder? What else can you reuse a plastic bottle for?

Challenge 3: Litter Hunting Trail Plan with your family a fun Litter Hunting Trail while out enjoying a walk and improving your skills as a photo reporter.

St Joseph's pupils also made a brilliant movie trailer style video of their Litter Less campaign that you just have to see. 

You can watch it here. 

Jackson's entry won the Upcycling Challenge with his firefighter's oxygen tank using an old plastic bottle and some old string, just like the one his mum uses at her job fighting fires! Congratulations to St Joseph's Primary School and to Jackson for his winning entry! 

Other winning entries include:

Poster Challenge:  Sophie from St Brides Major Church in Wales Primary School, Wales

Litter Hunting Trail Challenge: Holy Family School for the Deaf, Dublin Ireland

Want to know more about the Wrigley Litter Less campaign and how providing funding to schools is helping pupils make a real difference in the environmental quality of their communities?  Have a look here.

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