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New Eco-Schools Training Courses

25 March 2021

We are offering exciting new sessions in our free Eco-Schools training to support educators.  Whether you're just starting out as an Eco-Schools Co-oordinator or are looking for ways to take it further in a school with multiple Green Flag Awards, we have something for you.  


We're also developing training sessions for each of our Eco-Schools Topics, full of examples and ideas from real, successful applications that you can use in your own contexts. 


Start with our three Eco-Schools Basics sessions to get started with the programme and find out how it can be run in your context.  There are specific sessions on the online platform to apply for your Green Flag Award, Drafting an Action Plan and gathering evidence on Measuring, Monitoring and Evaluating.  These sessions will help you to make the best Green Flag application possible for your school. 


Already well established with Eco-Schools?  Take on a challenge with our Take Eco-Schools Further sessions on how to use our projects and campaigns to add to your Eco-Schools projects.  We have a session on using One Planet Picnic to learn about environmentally friendly food and drink choices, a session on Young Reporters for the Environment - a natural extension to Eco-Schools for individual pupils to write a report, take a photograph or make a video reporting on the environment.


Lastly, we have a session on the Circular Economy including comprehensive lesson plans and links to Eco Schools and support from Young Enterprise Scotland to make it happen.


Stuck on a particular topic? Sessions on all the Eco-Schools Topics are in development.  So far, we are offering dates on Litter and Waste Minimisation, Health & Wellbeing, Food and the Environment and School Grounds, Transport, Global Citizenship and a Guest session with Edinburgh Zoo (RZSS) on Biodiversity.


These training sessions are proving to be very popular so please book your free places now. 


Further dates, and new topics sessions will be made available for the new school year in August 2021.


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