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Meet our Climate Heroes

08 June 2021

People from across Scotland have been taking action on climate change in their communities. We call them Climate Heroes.

The Climate Hero Awards recognise the achievements of people who have been volunteering at projects supported by the Scottish Government's Climate Challenge Fund.

The voluntary time given by these Climate Heroes has had a host of positive impacts. They've supported their communities to grow food locally, tackle waste, travel sustainably and develop many new skills. They've also passed on learning about climate change and inspired others to take positive action.

And what of the Heroes themselves? Many of the heroes have overcome a variety of challenges to volunteer. Their perseverance has paid off, as in addition to helping their communities, they have often gained new skills, confidence and friends along the way.

Throughout 2020 the Covid-19 pandemic has rightly been the focus for communties. But the climate emergency hasn’t gone away. And that’s why we've been inspired to hear of outstanding contributions by volunteers at CCF projects, including some amazing work that has helped their communities to navigate the Covid-19 crisis.

Read the 2020/21 Climate Heroes publication here

Find out more about all the heroes on our Climate Heroes webpage here.

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