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Kirkcaldy Car-Free Week

22 February 2021

"Kirkcaldy Town House" by Secret Pilgrim is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Greener Kirkcaldy will be running a variety of events and activities from 1 - 5 March for Kirkcaldy Car-Free Week.

The week aims to encourage people to walk and cycle for short journeys instead of driving, and to imagine what Kirkcaldy could look like if less space was dedicated to cars.

The first event on 2 March includes a chance to hear from speakers about how Kirkcaldy space can be re-imagined. And how public space can be used when places are redesigned to prioritise people over cars.

Young people (aged 5-9) are their families are invited to join a Zoom workshop on 3 March to conjure up their perfect car-free neighbourhood.

And there is the chance to benefit from free bike repairs on 5 March.

There's also the Car-Free Kirkcaldy Competition where entrants are invited to imagine what their street (or another specific location) in Kirkcaldy could look like without any cars.

Greener Kirkcaldy run the 'Let's move up a gear!' project through funding from the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund. The initiative offers support to help people in Kirkcaldy reduce their car use and save bikes from landfill.

Kirkcaldy Car-Free Week, is funded by the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund and the Paths for All Smarter Choices, Smarter Places Fund.

Find out more about Kirkcaldy Car-Free Week here.


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