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Climate Emergency Training for Scouts and Guides

03 December 2021

We have begun a series of free climate emergency training sessions with Scout and Girlguiding volunteers and employees across Scotland, thanks to funding from the Scottish Government.

Working with both Scouts Scotland and Girlguiding Scotland, we developed bespoke Climate Emergency Training for both volunteers and employees, showcasing climate action success stories that have been undertaken by Scouts and Girlguiding groups already.

The first session of Climate Emergency Training for Scouts Scotland went ahead on Thursday 25 November and will continue over the next two weeks with two more cohorts starting in the new year. Girlguiding Scotland’s Climate Emergency Training will commence at the start of 2022.

This training will support 100 Scout and Girlguiding leaders to learn about climate change and to select both an individual and a group action to reduce carbon emissions, demonstrating their learning and understanding of carbon emission sources and solutions. Those who pass will receive a Carbon Literate accreditation from the Carbon Literacy Project. The Scouts and Girlguiding leaders will undertake three 90-minute modules, plus some self-study, that covers the science of climate change, the impacts of climate change, climate justice and actions that the leaders as individuals and their Girlguiding and Scouts groups can take to reduce their impact on the planet.

This training has been well received by both Scouts Scotland and Girlguiding Scotland as all the sessions over-subscribed. we are hoping to be able to reach more leaders in the future.

Terry O’Neill, Head of Scouting Operations at Scouts Scotland said: “We are delighted to be working with Keep Scotland Beautiful to provide Climate Emergency Training to our volunteers and staff, increasing our collective awareness of the climate emergency and the actions that we can take to reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to global efforts to limit climate change. Scouts Scotland is committed to protecting our planet and this partnership with Keep Scotland Beautiful is one of a series of initiatives to support our members to do their best.”

Carolyn Fox-McKay, Head of Operations at Girlguiding Scotland also said: “Girlguiding Scotland is delighted to have paired with Keep Scotland Beautiful to develop and deliver this milestone training for our volunteers. We know that this really matters to girls. In our Girls in Scotland research, we found that 95% of girls feel their lives are affected by climate change and 34% said they are angry adults are not doing enough to tackle the issue. This is our chance to change that. We want to equip our volunteers to challenge the status quo and empower girls and young women to make change”.

Barry Fisher, our CEO commented: “I'm delighted that the Keep Scotland Beautiful team will be working closely with The Scouts Scotland and Girlguiding Scotland organisations that have an extraordinary reach into our communities.  Supporting them with Climate Emergency Training will help them to engage positively with young people on the serious issues of climate change”

We are the only Scottish-based organisation to have attained Gold Carbon Literate Organisation status and is the official partner in Scotland for the award-winning Carbon Literacy Project, which provides independent accreditation for the Climate Emergency Training.

Climate Emergency Training is available for all businesses, with additional options for bespoke training and we also run courses for individuals to learn online.

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