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Environmental education training for the Confucius Institute for Scotland’s Schools

26 August 2021

We are delighted to once again be working with the Confucius Institute (CISS), Scotland's National Centre for Languages SCILT, the Scottish Government and the Centre for Languages Education and Cooperation (CLEC) to deliver training on our award-winning Eco-Schools Scotland programme to primary Confucius teachers and students in Scotland and their partner schools in China.

Ahead of COP26 there has never been as an important a time to support global learning about climate action and to raise awareness of the climate crisis and actions individuals can take.

And today, Thursday 26 August 2021, we delivered an online session, consisting of three lessons to seven Chinese teachers, five Scottish teachers, and a number of Confucius Institute staff., covering Eco-Schools and how schools and teachers can use it as a framework to take part in environmental education and action.

The partnership will use these lessons - based on themes such as litter and waste, school grounds, transport, and health and wellbeing – to deliver environmental education sessions to schools in both Scotland and China, particularly in the run up to delegates from across the world gathering in Glasgow at the biggest climate change summit in the world – COP26.

The Scottish schools taking part will link up with their partner schools regularly and share with them the work they have been doing and hear what their Chinese counterparts have been doing on the same subject.

This phase of the partnership follows on from the previous cohort, who had sessions delivered in November 2019, February 2020, and June 2021, and who focused on learning from various programmes we run, such as Climate Ready Classrooms and One Planet Picnic, which they then shared across their partnership.

Lisa Hanna, Depute Director, SCILT/CISS said: “In the run up to COP26, a group of primary schools from across Scotland are preparing to take part in an exciting learning programme combining environmental education, climate action and Chinese language and culture. This programme is the product of a partnership involving schools, Scottish Government, CLEC, Keep Scotland Beautiful, SCILT (Scotland’s National Centre for Languages) and CISS (Confucius Institute for Scotland’s Schools). 

“Building on our partnership work with Keep Scotland Beautiful, CISS has established links between the Scottish and Chinese schools allowing learners to share their work on diverse topics such as health and wellbeing, school environment, and individual action on climate change.  Teachers in both Scotland and China have benefitted from expert training on these issues delivered by our partners at Keep Scotland Beautiful, and schools are looking forward to sharing their learning at a series of live online lessons which will be attended by both Scottish and Chinese classes.

 “CISS is delighted to be working with our partners to deliver this ambitious learning opportunity ahead of COP26.  At this time of increased focus on climate action, we are proud to contribute to languages and environmental education within a global context.”

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