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Meet Asim and find out why he loves bikes

06 April 2021

Our second Spokes Person involved with the VeloCommunities project is Asim. He loves fixing bikes and going on long rides.

The VeloCommunities project is run by Bike for Good in Glasgow and funded by the Scottish Government's Climate Challenge Fund (CCF). And the Spokes People films were produced as part of the VeloCommunities embedded artist initiative in partnership with Creative Carbon Scotland. Theatre-maker Lewis Hetherington and film-maker Geraldine Heaney were embedded in the inspiring work of the VeloCommunities project and produced a variety of films collaboratively with participants and staff.

Asim Akhter is a volunteer at VeloCommunities and since finding out he loves fixing bikes has identified bike repair as a possible career path. He’s also a fan of long bike rides.


Honestly see, I had no idea what I was gonna do with my life, so, when I was fixing bikes, I really enjoyed it, I really enjoy it so I think, with this, I might actually choose this as my career path. So that’s why I keep coming back. I love fixing bikes and I love going on rides, especially long rides.

Asim Akhter, volunteer

Many more of us cycled than usual during the first Covid-19 lockdown. And if we swap car travel for pedal power, we'll be playing a part in reducing air pollution and climate change causing carbon emissions. Commuting by bike can be a great way to enjoy socially distanced travel and has both physical and mental health benefits. 

Bike for Good are just one of the organisations offering free cycling support which currently includes a special initiative to help keyworkers commute by bike.

Find out more about CCF projects offering free support for sustainable travel via our interactive map here.

We manage the CCF on behalf of the Scottish Government and have staff that support applicants, Grant Recipients and other community-led organisations wanting to take action on climate change. This news story was orginally published on the CCF webpages on 16 March.

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