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21 Days of Daily Actions with Treasure Earth App

Need inspiration to take environmental action?  The Treasure Earth App has 21 days of simple actions to try at home or at school.


Internationally, the Foundation for Environmental Education runs both the Eco-Schools and Young Reporters for the Environment programmes that we offer here in Scotland.


Each year, their Global Action Days Campaign brings together schools participating in Eco-Schools and Young Reporters to learn about a single issue.


The Global Action Days 2021 Campaign offers twenty one days of small positive actions that each one of us can take to become more compassionate towards Earth and demonstrate how small individual action can have a great impact on our own and our Earth’s wellbeing.   These actions will inspire participants to live and act differently by crystallising intentions into concrete actions and new patterns of positive behaviour.


The campaign is designed as a 21-days journey of ‘Compassionate Actions’ through the Treasure Earth app.  This app has been developed in partnership with Now.Here., and contains actions on three themes over three weeks:

Week 1 – Protect Global Biodiversity
Week 2 – Reduce Environmental Pollution
Week 3 – Empower Climate Action


This journey of compassionate actions is perfect for linking learning between home and school and a great way to take your Eco-Schools work forward.  We suggest teachers download the app to use with their classes.


To join the campaign:

1.  Download the Treasure Earth app for either iOS or Android

2.  Create an account for yourself.

3.  Choose your country as "United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland"

4.  Enter country code aVtCBVo for Scotland.

5.  You will receive an email to confirm your registration

5.  Download the Guide for Schools for more details.

6.  Explore the app to choose an action to try. 

7.  When you have completed one, share your results worldwide on social media with hashtag #MyActionsMatter

22 April 2021

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