Tackling litter at the Falkirk Wheel

Visitors ecounraged to take their litter home -or use the bins provided on site.

Campaign partners Scottish Canals have been facing issues with people discarding litter along routes in and out of the Falkrik Wheel and at their car parks too.

Launching today and running through to the end of the summer season, a targeted three-pronged messaging and engagement intervention will be deployed to remind visitors to be considerate and responsible with their litter in and around the site:

  • Drivers will be targeted as they get in and out of their cars with our 'Give your litter a lift, take it home' messaging;
  • Bin stickers on bins around the site will reinforce campaign recognition and also increase the visibility of bins, again encouraging people to use them to dispose of their litter;
  • 'I Give My Litter A Lift' car window stickers and our campaign car litter bags will be available for free at the Falkirk Wheel visitor centre during the launch week, for those wishing to support and participate in the campaign.

Scottish Canals staff will be monitoring litter levels on site throughout the summer and hope to see a reduction as a result of this initiative. So far, baseline monitoring at only a selection of car parks, recorded 166 items of litter over two days, including 52 items of recyclable plastic. Over half of the litter observed came from people eating and drinking on the go. It is estimated that, on average, upwards of 50 littering offences take place each day at visitor car parks alone.

Dr Olivia Lassiere, Scottish Canals’ Environment Manager said:

“We’re extremely pleased to be working with Keep Scotland Beautiful once again to raise awareness of littering on our waterways and to encourage our visitors to dispose of their litter in the right way.

“Littering and fly tipping of waste unfortunately can be a problem on the Lowland Canals, particularly in urban areas.  Already, in the first six months of the year, our staff and hundreds of volunteers have collected over a tonne (1300kg) of litter from The Forth & Clyde and Union canals.

“Not only is this litter unsightly, but it can also harm the wide array of wildlife that call our canals home.

“We’re launching this campaign today at The Falkirk Wheel, one of our busiest tourist attractions, in hope that we can raise awareness so that we can really make a difference to this important global environmental issue.”   

Georgina Massouraki, Roadside Litter Campaign Officer with Keep Scotland Beautiful, said:

“We are delighted to be working with Scottish Canals on this new anti-littering initiative. It is a straightforward problem with a straightforward solution - if people do the right thing.

“’Give your litter a lift, take it home’ is about everyone being considerate and responsible when it comes to their litter. Littering anywhere is never acceptable. Scotland is a beautiful country and deserves better. We need to learn that, even if there is no bin, we hold onto our litter until we find one -or otherwise take it home!”

30 July 2018

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