Supporting the Charter for Parks

We are delighted to be one of over 100 organisations that have signed up to the Charter for Parks. We'd like to encourage the government to protect our parks and support them to ensure they are well managed for communities to enjoy.

Our local parks and public green spaces are vital for everyone and every community. Through our campaigns and activities – including Beautiful Scotland, It’s Your Neighbourhood, and the Green Flag Awards we are trying working hard to maintain clean and safe outdoor space across the length and breadth of the country.  Our parks and green spaces provide space with a wide range of uses from relaxation to recreation and play. They are vital for wildlife and biodiversity and are often an important route for walkers, runners and cyclists. There are proven links between physical and mental health and easy access to safe, clean and inspiring green spaces. Looking after our parks plays a key role in improving the nation's health. 

The Charter for Parks would like the government to adopt six key points:

  • Celebrate the central role well-run parks play in our neighbourhoods for all sections of our communities
  • Recognise the right of every citizen to have access within walking distance to a good quality public green space
  • Endorse a legal duty for all public green space to be managed to a good standard
  • Embed effective protection from inappropriate development or use, or loss of any part of our parks
  • Ensure adequate long-term resources for ongoing maintenance, management and improvements
  • Encourage and enable community involvement and empowerment of local people and park users

Find out how to support the Charter for Parks and help protect your parks and green spaces in Scotland and the rest of the UK.

20 July 2018

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